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Lisa’s Thyroid Healing - in Process - as of 12-21-21


In early October 2021, I shared with Gene that an ultrasound dated May 27, 2021 reported that I had a nodule growing on my Thyroid that doctors told me could be malignant cancer.

Quote from the ultrasound report:

• Heterogeneous thyroid, with lobed edges.
• High suspicion right thyroid nodule, TI-RADS category 5 (*).
• Cervical nodes with a reactive appearance.”

In short, to conventional western medical doctors, this combination indicates the highest chance of malignant cancer discernible by ultrasound. According to their protocol, the next step would be a fine needle aspiration biopsy conducted by an Endocrinologist - in order to confirm malignancy.

The Endocrinologist evaluated the May 27th ultrasound and was particularly concerned because Thyroid nodules tend to run in families. Both my mother and sister had previously undergone ‘Thyroidectomies’, in which their cancerous Thyroid glands were surgically removed, and they require synthetic thyroid hormone replacement pills every day for the rest of their lives.

That outcome did not resonate with me as my reality. I just could not accept that outcome - and I truly did not see that in my future. I mostly ignored the ultrasound report for over 4 months. Then on October 8, 2021, I asked Gene to include Thyroid healing, as he started his energy healing work on me (which included fatigue, severe body and spine pain, and s-curve scoliosis - described in a separate testimonial.)

While Gene worked on me energetically, I specifically envisioned the Endocrinologist telling me, “There is no need to do anything”. I asked Gene and others in my spiritual circle to see that vision for me, too.

On December 21, 2021 (less than 11 weeks after Gene started energy healing work on me), the Endocrinologist conducted a second ultrasound before performing the planned fine needle aspiration biopsy. I watched the images on the ultrasound monitor as he measured and re-measured the Thyroid nodule. Then he explained one of the images on the screen, and pointed out changes in a few of the aspects that were of particular concern in the May 27th ultrasound.

To my delight, he smiled and told me that the size of the nodule was now about 25% smaller than in the first ultrasound, and he felt no need to conduct the fine needle aspiration biopsy, or do anything else! He instructed me to not worry about it, and in 6 months he would repeat the ultrasound to reassess the size. I left with great joy, bursting to call Gene and report this fabulous news!

I’m tremendously excited to continue Gene’s energy healing work, knowing that we can resolve this completely. My new vision includes feeling my joy and gratitude when, in 6 months, the Endocrinologist delvers precisely the news that we envision and believe.

Thank you, Gene, for another healing miracle… and especially for your patience, your enthusiasm, your unconditional support, and for continually teaching me how to connect with Source so that I can co-create a healthy and happy self, in service to others for the Greater Good.

With BIG LOve and Gratitude, Lisa


Pelvic ultrasound confirming large ovarian cyst with internal debris and continuous severe bleeding — Gone after 6 weeks!


"I am a 31 year old female recording artist living in Nashville, TN. I had been referred to healer, Gene Skaggs by a close friend who had experienced a miraculous healing with him on her collar bone and continued to see him in subsequent years for all her health related needs.


I had never had any Quantum Touch done on my body before my experience with Gene.  I had been mysteriously bleeding vaginally and had a pelvic ultrasound that confirmed I had a large ovarian cyst with internal debris which was causing pressure in the lower left abdomen, as well as continuous severe bleeding, lower back pain and missed periods for 3 months.


I am drug sensitive and uninsurable and therefore could not and did not want to do any of the procedures (including taking powerful hormones and surgery) that the traditional doctors recommended in order stop the bleeding.  I was scheduled to have a follow up ultrasound six weeks after the initial one, in order to monitor the situation, especially because the bleeding was not stopping.


I saw Gene for 7 one to two hour sessions over the six week period between ultrasounds. He used Quantum Touch and Amethyst Bed Therapy as well as The Crystal Therapy Healing Bed Crystal Healing Bed Therapy during my sessions. Gene has a very reassuring, good-natured bedside manner and is very intuitive while being very professional and comforting.


He immediately knew how and where to focus and asked questions of me that only intensified his ability to focus in and treat the affected and surrounding areas. He gently lays his hands on areas that need attention and will tell you where he is going to treat before he touches the areas-- he then quietly concentrates during the treatments. The affects of his work were immediate as I laid on the table and received the treatment(s) -- I felt relief of all pain in the lower abdomen area and a sense of calm and healing across my entire body.


In fact, sometimes he would be treating one area and I would feel the affects in a completely different area of my body, simultaneously. My heart rate and anxiety levels all came down as well and I felt a very real, powerful energy running through me. I had somewhat experienced this feeling only once before -- during acupuncture treatments -- but the affects of the acupuncture were never as profound as the overall affects were during these treatments with Gene.


I remained consistent with Gene over the course of those weeks. The bleeding and pain began to lessen during this time. I went for my follow up pelvic ultrasound and received a call from my doctor a week later. She told me that my results were completely normal and there was no evidence of any cyst or mass anywhere in my abdomen. She told me that they could not explain how or why this serious mass had disappeared and that in their eyes, there was no need to follow up again or see any doctor unless my symptoms returned.


By the time I spoke with the doctor my bleeding had completely stopped, as well. The healing that took place in my body over that short 6 week period was entirely because of my visits with Gene. There is no other explanation other than the fact that I had been consistent with the Quantum Touch healing via Gene and I felt the affects during and between treatments with him until I was fully healed -- confirmed by my last pelvic ultrasound.


I am so grateful for the miracle I received and am so happy I had an open mind and heart and that I allowed Gene to fully cure this ailment. My doctors assured me this diagnosis would need drastic surgeries and medications (costing large amounts of money and time out of work and life) and that those were my only options. They told me this situation would be something that would continuously plague me and that there was no "quick fix"...six weeks later I was completely symptom free and have been ever since. I would urge anyone battling a sickness to allow Gene to heal your body & do what the doctors say cannot be done."


— Jamie Floyd


Colon Cancer Gone in Three Days


"I called Gene on a Tuesday and told him the news that I had colon cancer. A little background on my interactions with Gene: I first came to see him for my hip and knee, as I had great difficulty walking and had to use a cane. After the first session my results were amazing and I had a few follow up sessions. I told numerous people about Gene and each of my friends/clients also had fabulous results.


Since moving out of state I have had little contact with him, but when I received the results I immediately called Gene. He seemed calm and stated “Wow, you are going to have a wonderful story to tell.” We set up a plan to do two long distance sessions of Quantum Touch back-to-back upon which he would administer them Wednesday and Thursday. We did them in this fashion as I was going back to the doctor to get another x-ray to check on some other stomach issues I was having that Friday.


After the doctor looked at the x-ray and stated, “Your cancer is gone.” I truly believe my mouth must have hit the floor, my heart was racing and I said, “How can that be?” To my amazement he said, “It must be a miracle.” Thanking The Lord and Gene for this miracle."


Still in shock, love Tiffy


In Gene’s words: I have taken care of stage 4 cancer three times, but never in three days. I am still reeling from shock. I don’t use the word “amazed” very often as it has become commonplace. But I am truly amazed on two areas: first, the duration of time, three days. Second the doctor stating “It must be a miracle.”



Under Active Thyroid cured in Two Sessions


"I have never suffered any form of ill health.  So when I was suddenly rushed into the emergency room last summer and told I had a seriously under active thyroid, I was in complete shock.  I was told I would need medication for the rest of my life!


This would apparently stop the extreme exhaustion, the near blackouts, the stomach pains, the weight gain, the bloating, the headaches, and the constant feeling of being unwell.


Well I am not a huge fan of medication so I looked for something else first.  I remembered that I had met Gene a few months earlier and heard him talk about Quantam Touch, so I thought I had nothing to lose and I booked my first appointment.


Gene is the sweetest person you could possibly meet.  He spent a long time reassuring me and explaning how everything would work.  After my first 2 hour session, I was exhausted and went straight home to bed.  I could feel the energy fizzing through my body the whole time he was working.  So I think the whole session just took it out of me!


The next day I felt about 80% better... So I was excited to return the following week... The same thing happened, I could feel the energy and it felt so relaxing.  He also gave me lots of advice throughout the treatment and sprinkled it with interesting facts and tools for life, in the way your knowledgeable best friend does over a glass of wine.


That night, I didn't feel as tired, but went to bed to rest just the same.... The next day I can honestly say I felt 100% better... I really didn't feel like I needed any more sessions and Gene said if I felt fine then I must be fine, no pressure, just sent me on my way with a happy smile.


6 weeks later I had to go back to be retested as they were concerned I wasn't taking any medication... and guess what ... I was totally back to normal!!  I knew I was, because I felt totally different; but it was nice to have the Dr's rubber stamp.


I cannot recommend Gene highly enough.  If I or anyone I know is faced with an illness, my first stop will undoubtedly be Gene.  It works ...


Thank you Gene so happy to have found you ..."


— Kathryn Camsey




Austin, Texas


"Gene has done quantum touch therapy work with me numerous times, and in every case I have experienced very positive results within the hour.


A few months ago, a routine mammogram was showing a change in my right breast, where it had became more dense and I was advised to go back in for another mammogram for more scans. After a few sessions of remote quantum touch work from Gene, the second mammogram showed that the denseness had cleared up and there was nothing to be concerned about.


On another occassion, Gene did quantum touch work with my singing voice, which was being affected by allergies and other negative thought patterns.. The next day, in the studio, my voice was crystal clear, and I recorded a pitch perfect beautiful track for one of our recent single releases effortlessly.


Gene has also done meditation / prayer work coupled with quantum touch therapy work with me, that has opened blocks, removed energetic attachments, and given me meaningful spiritual insight and clarity.


Gene, you are a GOD Send ... Thank you so much for ALL that you do!"


— Victoria H.



Phoenix, Arizona


"I have had chronic pain in my lower back and numerous other joints for over 40 years. I've tried almost every type of remedy known. I had become very skeptical of trying "miracle" cures. I was having a particularly painful few days — couldn't stand, sit, or lay down without horrible pain, and had no pain medication on hand to ease it. After an hour of Quantum-Touch therapy, I was amazed to discover I had no pain upon standing. I had freedom of movement in my shoulders and neck, and all pain had ceased. Thank you, Gene!


— Tom



After three long distant Quantum-Touch sessions with Gene Skaggs, who by-the-way, still don't know what he looks like, I am sleeping better than I have in nearly 17 years. Menopause symptoms are nearly gone. Back pain gone, Im healed. Thanks you so much for your good work.


— Sherri



Huntsville, Alabama


"I have been Blessed to have two sessions of "Quantum Touch Healing!"


****** "I also have experienced the Crystal Therapy Healing Bed bed!" ******


It begins with alignment of my hips and spine which has helped me to become more balanced and fluid in my gait. Both times the Energy washes over me like an ocean wave that is so Healing and Soothing! The wave of Energy begins below my feet and goes over my head. It looks just like the continuous ocean waves coming to shore.


During the 2nd session I was exposed to the "Crystal Therapy Healing Bed" Crystal Chakra Lights. This magnified the experience Greatly! This time as the waves of Energy began washing over me I began seeing pastel rainbows of color (yellow, green-blue, lavender). Then Gene began sending Healing Energy to my liver, heart, and lungs area; I began to feel energy move from my right to left in an encompassing circular motion that quickly sped up (Gene called this vortexing). Then it seemed as though the Energy waves were pastel rainbows of color that pushed the gray energy up and ahead like the foam of an ocean wave and the circular Vortexing Energy would spin or fling the gray energy out of my "Aura"


— Rhonda Smith




"I recently received a Quantum Touch healing session from Gene Skaggs, a Certified Quantum Touch instructor. What I experienced was truly remarkable.


I had been intrigued by what I had heard about Quantum Touch for several years now, and had been wanting to try it. I had read that Quantum Touch was a method of hands-on healing that was delivering profound results for people in reducing back pain, healing injuries, realigning bone structure, balancing organs and glands, and clearing and balancing the body’s energetic system.


Basically, I could use all of that, but I was most intrigued by the reports that Quantum Touch could visibly make bones move back into realignment with only a light touch. Any modality that can do that has got to be something truly extraordinary.


I suffered a serious whiplash injury to my neck in a car wreck in my early twenties, which severely stretched the tendons on the right side of my neck. My usual symptoms include tenderness and tightness, as well as a generally decreased range of motion. The worst part of it, however, is the frequent misalignments of the vertebrae in my neck, especially the top two vertebrae the Atlas and Occiput. When those go out of line I can feel it instantly, as they pinch a particular nerve that makes me extremely uncomfortable.


Massage and chiropractic both help, but both provide only temporary relief, as neither can heal the underlying injury itself. The only thing I had tried before Quantum Touch that seemed able to address the underlying problem was Structural Integration, or Rolfing. I can report that Quantum Touch definitely helped to align, heal and strengthen the underlying structural injury in my neck, and it did it in a dramatically different way than anything else I have tried.


For one thing, Quantum Touch is a energy healing rather than any sort of manual manipulation. Quantum Touch deals with the life-force energy, called “Chi” in Chinese. Quantum Touch practitioners spend hundreds of hours learning various breathing and meditation techniques to raise and amplify their life-force energy and use it in a focused fashion to unblock “stuck” energy in the body. From a quantum physics perspective, everything is energy. To be healthy, the body needs to maintain a natural energy flow. If the body suffers pain, stress, inflammation, or disease, it is simply an indication of stuck energy. What unblocks the stuck energy is the practitioner’s very high frequency of life-force energy, which “entrains” the client’s body to raise its own energy frequency to match the practitioner’s higher resonance. This allows the energy to once again begin to flow, and the body will naturally heal itself.


With that brief background, I will describe the Quantum Touch healing session. Everything took place either standing on lying down on a massage table, fully clothed. Throughout the process, I could hear Gene breathing in and out in long, slow, controlled breaths. The breathing techniques are part of the Quantum Touch practitioner’s “running energy,” as they call it, into the client’s body. Instead of the full laying-on of hands technique like that of Reiki, Gene mostly used an extremely light touch using only his fingertips the whole time. Those were two things I noticed right away as far as the technique was concerned, the breathing and the very light touch.


The other thing I noticed was energy.


I would encourage anyone who is skeptical that chi energy is a real phenomenon to try a Quantum Touch session. The Quantum Touch energy a palpable thing. I have never considered myself as being particularly sensitive to feeling chi, but Quantum Touch there is no doubt. It feels like a fullness in the area of the body that is having the energy run into. A full description of what the energy feels like is hard to put into words. It is just something that has to be experienced to be believed.


I had booked a two-hour session, which began with aligning my hips, and pelvis, then aligning the occipital ridge in the back of my head and then the bone that is shaped like a mask, (Sphenoid bone) behind the face that the eyes are set in. These are the three major areas that are commonly misaligned. Throughout the entire session, Gene always described exactly what he was going to do before he did it. In addition to aligning various key areas of my body structure, Gene also ran energy into a specific, standard sequence of points with his own high-vibrational resonance. After it was all done, he would then very gently probe many different points along my body, each spaced a couple of inches apart, looking for areas of tenderness. Tenderness in a spot represented where pain, or stuck energy, had “fled.” These spots required additional energy to be run into them to dissipate the stuck energy once and for all. The next segment of the session involved a clearing, cleaning and tuning of the chakras, which are the major centers of life-force energy in the body. The session ended with a powerful anchoring of positive affirmations, chosen by me, into my energetic body.


All of this felt wonderful, and it left me energized and rejuvenated. My body felt more balanced and aligned. My usual aches and pains were gone. I also felt a deep sense of calmness and peace, which lasted for several days. But the thing that completely dominated the entire session in my memory is what happened when Gene ran energy into my neck with its 25-year-old whiplash injury.


What occurred surprised even him.


When he began to run energy into my neck the muscles on the back of my neck and right side began to pulsate quite noticeable. The effect grew and increased until every muscle in my neck, shoulders and upper back were contracted tightly and quivering with energy. In fact, the contracted muscles raised the upper part of my chest and my right shoulder completely up off the table, to where my forehead and abdomen were the only things in contact with the surface. The clenching of the muscles didn’t hurt at all, in fact, felt really good. The contractions plus the energy running through the connective tissue of my neck felt like exactly what I needed for that area to do some truly deep healing. It felt like it was creating a stabilized framework so that it could repair the underlying structures. It also pulsed, twitched and quivered like crazy. Gene likened it to a dry desert finally getting some water poured into it. It felt really good, and it went on like this for several minutes. The experience was nothing short of amazing. This was a profound healing that was happening to me, to an injury that I’ve carried for almost as long as I can remember.


Afterwards, my neck felt different. It felt. . . normal, in the sense that I didn’t really feel it at all. There were not aches, pains or tenderness that I could feel for several days after the session. Even now, two weeks later, there is less tightness than there was, and it feels stronger. It may take additional sessions to really get it fixed, but I am definitely sold on the power of Quantum Touch."


— Tom Maples




Nashville, Tennessee


The Experience of Quantum Energy


I often feel energy moving through my body when Gene sweeps down the outline of my body at the beginning of sessions. Also, when he focuses on a specific area, places his hands there and waits, I can feel the warmth, followed some movement and flow from the area to other parts of my body. Its typical to feel energy in the form of a warm flow down my torso, arms or legs, occasionally buzzing in my head during a brain blast. It is always very pleasant.


The quantum flow is different from those described above. First, I can see the quantum flow as a thick multi dimensional, space filling substance ( little like lava flow) . It is translucent, but feels like waves of energy intersecting from at least three or four directions ( e.g., left to right, front to back, up to down, down to up). Its very organic, like a woven fabric, but thick and more dimensional. It feels like the ocean when you are far away from the shore and the multiple patterns of waves intersecting and the water is also moving up and down. There are little points of light where waves intersect and the whole flow feels illuminated, warm, comforting.


Seeing and feeling this flow is very energizing as well. I felt extremely good and very clear after the session. I could sense that my body was also made of quantum energy, that everything is made of this energy, and the distinctions among solid objects are almost not existent as you move into the quantum dimensions.


With the feeling of quantum energy came the most wonderful sense of loving and being loved. It was as if the wave of energy was actually made of emotion (love) and as it moved through and around me, I simply stepped into, matched the emotion( the vibration) and literally felt caught up in the love.


Afterwards I felt so much love for you, for friends I thought about during the session, for the small furry dogs....for everything.


That was amazing and made me understand how QT comes from the heart and could easily be experienced as pure loving energy.


— Anita Martin



Gene States: Even though the person has given me permission to use her real name, because of the nature of her working at a prestigious teaching hospital, I have chosen to use an alias.


While working on her, as she was describing the way the energy moved through her body I asked,"Do you only feel this where I have my hands? Her reply was, "About the first third of the session. which was an hour, I only felt it where you put your hands, but after that I felt the energy throughout my entire body, regardless of where you were placing your hands."




I Quit Smoking!!


"Gene, I wanted to thank you for taking care of a chronic problem I have experienced for decades.


Although, it wasn’t the reason I came to see you, and in fact, I didn’t even bring the subject up.


My relationship with my current boyfriend of 3 years was literally driving me crazy. I was consciously aware of what I was doing wrong but was unable to stop.


I had you work on me, three sessions energetically, to remove what you called cellular memories that bounded me to this extremely unhealthy relationship. After the three sessions, I noticed I had more peace, physically felt stronger, and now have an appetite. I also had the courage to break off the relationship and I couldn’t feel better.


In addition, I became aware that I had lost my desire to smoke. I had been smoking on and off, mostly on, since I was seventeen. The craving just stopped, it wasn’t a gradual reduction, but between the second and third session, I completely lost my desire to smoke. When I brought that up to you, you asked me “What were some of the things you did to alleviate the emotional pain in this abusive relationship?” I mentioned one and then it came out, “I would smoke.” A big light bulb went off in my head. That was my paycheck, as you called it, but now I do healthy things to help bring me peace.


Words cannot express my appreciation for your healing powers and also your gentleness in dealing with a soul that was in tremendous pain."


    — Teresa V.




"I had a booth and spoke at the Galatic Expo in Nashville on May 17, 2014. After my talk I gave 15 minute quantum touch sessions for five and a half hours non-stop.


I booked numerous sessions, and one was for a lady who lives in Clarksville. She mentioned that she had back and hip problems. She came with a friend to see me in early June and I gave them both a one hour session. I focused on her back, with special attention to her Psoas muscle, Quadratus lumborum muscle, Piriformis muscle, Sacrum and Coccyx (tailbone). During the session she experienced sharp pain in her Sacrum, which is rather unusual, but not completely uncommon. I had her walk to the other room and then come back and I worked a little more on her lower back. Two days later she facebooked me with the below message:


    "Gene, I now know why my Sacral area was hurting me so bad and why I felt so heavy in this area when you were working on me!!!!!!!! 15 years ago I hurt myself at work, which caused my uterus to drop. Very painful. My uterus almost fell but now it is back in position!!! I spoke with a nurse that could benefit from your healing. I have 2 more nurses that I will be speaking to this weekend. We will be contacting you to set up additional sessions.”


    — Love and Light, Louise




Dear Gene,


I want to write you and try to put into words how grateful and blessed, excited and thrilled I am to know you and thank you for sharing your gift of healing with me.


When I saw you on Saturday, the pinched nerve in my back had been causing me excruciating pain, the kind of pain that makes you cry out; and this had been going on for over a week.


To say the least, I was feeling depressed and exhausted.


After our session my pain was gone with just some soreness left and my mental outlook was peaceful.


As I went through my day I had completely forgotten about the nerve pain in my back.


I woke up on Sunday morning and I felt like I was truly alive!


Your session not only addressed the physical pain I had, but you also opened me up to my ability to feel joy and receive happiness and love :)


I appreciate you more then you could ever imagine, and love you more then that.


Thank You.


    — Denise B.



    No More Alcohol Cravings


"I had a friend recommend Gene for various long standing health issues in which I was continually confronted with. After four sessions with Gene, these issues have vanished. If that was all that had taken place, I would still be grateful.


    To give you my background, I will mention that I have been challenged with alcohol issues since my teens, and have tried various methods to address them without success. During the four sessions with Gene, he addressed the emotional and causal issues underlying my physical symptoms. At first I thought that was rather peculiar, but initially didn’t give it further thought because, my physical issues were improving.


    The four sessions took place over a six week period and after the second session my cravings for the perceived benefits of alcohol began to subside substantially.


    Now, three months after the first session, I still have not had a drink and have placed that issue in my rear view mirror. Thank you, and God bless the work you do."


    — Joana



"I am so grateful for Quantum Touch and Gene Skaggs for helping me open my singing voice up for a very important show in Nashville. When I went into the session my throat felt heavy and scratchy, due to allergies. After the session not only was I at peace, but there was a warm healing feeling in my throat. It felt open and light and my vocal tone was noticeably clearer and purer than at the start of the session. This allowed me to sing with ease and confidence for the show. Thank you Gene Skaggs.


    — Jacqi M.


"Dear Gene,


After experiencing fluctuating blood pressure, as high as, 166/105, for several months, you gave me one session of Quantum Touch. We visualized numbers in the low 120’s/80’s and by the time we were through with the session, the numbers were there.


For the next few days, it continued to fluctuate, with the high numbers getting lower each time. For the past three days, I’ve been amazed to report that the numbers have stabilized in the exact range we pictured. Holy Spirit did not waste any time getting me there!"


You’ve got the touch, Bro – Peace, Maggie W.




"I, Marget G., had a Quantum Touch therapy session with Gene Skaggs and it was a very uplifting experience. With only light touch, applied to different parts of my body, Gene was able to direct energy to the areas that needed healing. I felt the energy moving through me and when he ran energy into the chakras I felt my body lift from the table. The pain has not come back."




"I, Richard F., came to see Gene Skaggs July 30, 2013 after being diagnosed with stage 4 cancer. The doctor said I had 6 months to a year to live. It occurred to me that I wouldn’t get to see my son graduate from high school. After talking to my wife we made plans for my passing and asked Gene if he officiated funerals. He said he did, but also mentioned that he did a process called Quantum Touch and that he/we could possibly remove the cancer."




I thought it was funny that the first question he asked me was, ‘Do I want to live?’ Of course I said, ‘Yes.’ So, I had four sessions with Gene, changed my diet and took supplements. Upon going back to the doctor September 20, 2013, I was told the cancer was reduced by 50 to 60 percent. He said whatever I was doing to keep doing it. I guess Gene will now be accompanying me to my son’s graduation and I will continue to work with Gene to further reduce the cancer."


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